Friday, November 9, 2012

Single Digits

This is one of those "mental measures" I had made a year ago.  The measure of time- First, that it was a year away.  Then, the number of days falling to double digits.  Finally, the day the count comes to single digit days numbering the start. 

Nine. 9.

One week, two days away.  I've been busy making plans, lists, running errands.  Sumer gave me a copy of the packing list she used, which has been such a great reminder of what I am planning on taking:

Today I had lunch with Sumer, Becki and Amanda- The three stud-muffins who became Ironwomen in June at CDA.  I wish we had more time, they had so many stories to tell, not just of the race but of the season of the Ironman.  How it affects relationships, the recovery, the goals set before and after- because it's not just about one day's race, but a season.

Their advice:  Enjoy it- you'll never have your first Ironman again; Include Gas-X, chamois cream and sunscreen in your special needs bags; set alarms if I need them to remember to hydrate and eat on the ride; don't start too fast on the run; include some walking to help not go too fast; Stay positive, include the rough with the experience; HAVE FUN. (If I forgot anything ladies, feel free to remind me!)
As a parting gift, Amanda gave me this book:

She knows I am a reader!  Is it bad that I just want to sit and ignore the world to read it?  Oh, wait.  I'm already doing that when training.  Oh well.  Just staying consistent with the season.  I told Steve and Pat about it and Steve is already on the "wait list".  I'm sure I'll have it read before next weekend, Steve!

When Sumer gave me her aero helmet to wear, she gave me this Ironman ornament for my Christmas tree. 
I'll be hanging it with a rush of memories for years to come. 

Yesterday I picked up Sumer's tri-bike from the bike shop.  Both wheels are back on (I had to put my clunky one on while the rear carbon wheel was getting replaced), new tires, tubes with special flat-prevention potion in them, and also picked up some little chamois creams to put in my special needs bags.  The miracle workers at Sunnyside Bicycles calmed my worries and eased my anxiety of not being able to shift to the small ring of the bike.  They worked it out, and now I'm ready to roll!

Travel arrangements are finalized, the hotel we're staying at on the way has a reservation for us.  I'm starting to make piles that probably annoy my husband.  I'm trying to write things down as I think of them.

All that's left is packing, a handful of trainings and some grocery shopping.  Oh, and making sure I don't forget to pack anything.  That's kind of a biggie.  Lucky me, I get to pack for six people.  I'll let my older kids pack for themselves technically; but I still have to give them the description of what to pack and make sure they did it.  Which means I'll be packing for them.  Then there are the other three kids to pack for to go home to Chico with my dad for the weekend, but also for the entire week when we join them after Arizona. 

I'm totally loving it, and trying to let each part soak in!

This was on the card that Amanda gave me today:
"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?" -Vincent Van Gogh

I hope I don't have to find out!

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