Monday, November 26, 2012

A preview for what's to come:

What an amazing day it was!  I have so much to say, but I keep putting it off because I know it will take awhile to really go through.  Besides, I've just been kind of "cruising" through other responsibilities while training, and it's time to catch up! 

For now, this what you need to know:  I DID IT.  The swim was pretty good; I got clobbered and whacked more than I would like.  The bike was fantastic- I ended up an hour ahead of what I was wanting to do.  The run- well, it's a good thing I had an extra hour from the bike, let's just put it that way. 

My brother made signs for me and he and my husband hung one up for every mile on the way back on the bike course.  Everyone wanted to know who "Ironwoman Kerry Sue" was on the course, and made for some fun banter along the way with other riders.  He put some up on the run course as well, and my fans were there shouting and ringing bells, holding more signs.  They were told by many other participants that they wanted them as their support crew.  I seriously had the best crew out there!

Here you go (there are a couple missing, including Pat's wife Gia.  But she cheered for Pat too, because I share):

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